In augustus zijn we volgeboekt bellen en mailen heeft geen zin!
We are fully booked in August. There is no point in calling and emailing!
Wir sind im August ausgebucht, anrufen und mailen bringt nichts!
Nous sommes complets en Août, il est inutile d'appeler et d'envoyer des e-mails!
Siamo al completo a agosto, non ha senso chiamare e inviare e-mail!

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Prices per day (Open from March 1 to October 20)

Adult €6,00
Child under 16 €2,50
Tent (small) €2,50
Tent (large) €5,00
Caravan Max 6 meters, including pole! €7,50
Bus Camper (small) €5,00
Camper (large) Max 7 meters! €7,50
Electricity 6 Ampère (limited availability) €3,00
Car €1,00
Guests (not overnight) €1,00
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